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Medical Website and Medical Marketing Pricing

Successful campaigns require understanding and must adapt to each client’s unique circumstances. As we deliver or manage a service, we constantly monitor key metrics and adjust our approach based on data-driven insights. This approach helps our clients achieve their goals as market conditions change.

Because each medical practice is unique and requires a tailored approach, we have a flexible pricing model to help you achieve your cost and marketing goals.

The pricing grids below give a general idea of your investment for a recommended set of services. You can add or subtract services to meet specific requirements.

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Medical Website for Marketing

Website Development for medical practices

Designed for medical practices who want to avoid costly mistakes as they develop an online marketing strategy. The focus is on industry best practices, security, and cost control.

  • Customized ADA compliant WordPress Website
  • Search engine optimized page content for your services
  • Provider bios, location, and contact pages
  • Secure,fast website hosting on a specialty hosting platform
  • HIPAA compliant lead management with 2 users and setup*

Package cost is $4500. Monthly cost for hosting, lead management and ADA compliance service is $180

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Monthly Medical Marketing for Startup Website

A companion package for the Medical Startup Plan**.

Medical Growth is a monthly program that promotes your medical practice on search engines and social media using Digital Direct Marketing and Content marketing.

  • Original search engine optimized blogs on your medical specialty
  • Social media posts related to your specialty
  • Internal cornerstone page linking strategy
  • Analytics and performance reporting
  • Speed boost – more than 30 front end performance enhancements
  • Lead management automation
  • HIPAA compliant texting
  • Email Newsletter OR lead nurturing

The Monthly investment for this package is $2500-$3500/mo. This includes the monthly fees from medical startup

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Data Driven Website and Marketing

A complete marketing strategy for increased lead generation

A fully custom program to propel your medical practice or hospital from ordinary to extraordinary. Enterprise Growth is a data driven digital strategy with an integrated CRM and a team of experts dedicated to your digital success.

  • Discovery workshops
  • Custom website
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Dedicated marketing expert
  • Data analysis and strategic planning
  • Direct Digital Marketing

Enterprise Growth starts at $8000 per month

*If you have a CRM that passes our reporting, automation, and digital marketing audit, you may not require our lead management or CRM solution.

**If you have a website that passes our functionality, performance, ADA, and usability audit, you may not require our medical startup website.

Take a moment to tell us about your project and we will get back with you immediately.